Conference Floorplan – Marriott Bristol City Centre

Registration and the AYA help desk is in the Front Foyer.

The Bristol Suite is the room used for plenary sessions such as the keynotes and the lightning talks. The Bristol suite is split into three to provide Bristol 1, Bristol 2, and Bristol 3 for the sessions. Empire Suite and SS Great Britain Suite are the other two of the five rooms used for sessions.

The exhibitors and the refreshments are set out in the Front Foyer, Side Foyer, and in the space between Bristol Suite and Empire Suites and SS Great Britain Suite.

ground floor

Some events will happen in the Conservatory which is on the first floor, more or less above Empire Suite. Access is via the lift or stairs next to SS Great Britain Suite. (Actually you can also get into The Conservatory from the hotel bar on the first floor, there is a corridor on the side of the restaurant labelled to the leisure facilities and the Conservatory.)


Some of the pre-conference all-day workshops will happen in the basement. Access is via the lift or stairs next to the SS Great Britain Suite. Bristol Old Vic Suite, Wallace Suite, and Cabot Suite are on one side of the corridor, Concorde Suit and Matthew Suite are on the other side of the same corridor.

basement rooms

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